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Direct Sales Consultant Checklist
By Kristie Rimmele, Contributing Author of More Build It Big book.
Are you starting as a new consultant or independent business owner of your direct sales or network marketing business?
Here's a checklist to get you on the fast track to success!
  • Submit Consultant Agreement for Start up Kit
  • Set up your consultant website if your company provides this capability
  • Read thru your consultant packet and call your recruiter with any questions you have
  • Set a date for a grand opening debut at your house
  • Send out invitations to at least 50 people for your grand opening debut
  • Call two to three days before your debut to make sure people are coming
  • Order business cards
  • Discuss inventory options
  • Make a list of 20-100 people who you could talk to about your product
  • Memorize your booking script (if your recruiter provides one)
  • Book your first 5-10 appointments
  • Make a list of 4 people to do practice recruiting interviews with you to practice your team building skills.
  • Make plans to observe 3 direct sales parties led by other experienced people in your director’s team.
  • Attend all training sessions
  • Bring a guest to your regular monthly meetings
  • Open your checking account.
  • Read direct selling books to help you to succeed!

Having a direct sales career can be rewarding and a dream of a lifetime.  What I have learned is focus and commitment are the true keys to success.  Early in my career I was all over the place and lacked focus, plus I didn't show up for work!  Let's face takes discipline to work at home.  Find your passion, build your dream and by doing so, you have joined a very small percentage who truly get to enjoy life on their terms!  Diane Drayer, owner 

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