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No one is born a top selling consultant in direct sales. To be successful one must learn not only the basic techniques, but also how to apply those techniques.

Top earning consultants in direct sales will tell you that success takes consistent effort, a vision, and focus! No one is born a salesperson, any more than one is born a doctor or born a lawyer. In order to be successful, you must not only the learn the basic techniques, but also how to apply those techniques. Among the business skills you will need are prospecting, inviting, presenting, handling objections, and closing the deal.

Many of the direct sales organizations have excellent training programs to help you get up and running quickly. And to help you continue your success, you will have a mentor that you will meet with regularly over the phone or in person. Your mentor can help you set goals, overcome challenges, provide encouragement, and hold you accountable for your goals.

Another way to grow is by reading or listening to tapes daily. Regular reading can give you an “edge” over your colleagues and provides valuable new ideas and strategies to build your business.

Top direct sales organizations encourage their consultants to consistently attend these events. These events provide you with the opportunity to network, and attend business building workshops. The speakers at these events are truly inspirational and provide the insights you need to be a superstar in your industry. You will also get to see top selling consultants receive recognition, awards, and incentives for their outstanding sales and performance.

Being clear about what your goals are and why they are important to you will keep you motivated. In fact, planning is actually one of the most important activities you will spend time doing. By creating a yearly business plan, setting goals, and breaking your goals down into smaller goals with deadlines, you will find yourself moving ahead and setting yourself record achievement.

They say when you love what you do, that you’ll never work at day in your life. The same is true of direct sales. You must honestly believe in what you are selling. When you are selling something you are passionate about, people feel your excitement. Suddenly you aren’t “selling” but just offering whole heartedly something that you honestly believe will benefit the customers. By truly caring about your customers best interest, you’ll close more sales and build a group of loyal, lifetime customers.

Article by: Jane Deuber is a Co-Founder of the DSWA and a highly rated industry trainer who is known for her innovative, down to earth training style that inspires distributors into action.  Visit Jane's website!

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