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What are QR Codes?

I am sure you have seen these funny looking barcodes popping up everywhere from your local realtor to universities.  Think of the QR Code (QR – Short for Quick Response) as another form of marketing your business or basically another avenue of driving traffic to your product or service. 

It’s easy to get started using them.  First to fully understand what they do, download a QR Reader on your smart phone.  iTunes offers an application as do most carriers.  You can find a list of applications here:  Once you have the app downloaded, simply point the camera on your phone to the QR Code and there you have it!  The data, from the code, will be read and bring the user to a website, video, email or etc.  The information is then saved on the user’s smart phone. 

The marketing possibilities for this barcode are far reaching.  Forgot your business card?  Place a QR Code on the back of your phone case for easy sharing on the go!  Place one on your car, building, t-shirts, realtor signs, coffee mugs, menu, samples, billboards and virtually anywhere. 

Creating a QR Code is easy!

There are many FREE resources online to generate your own QR Code to download and save for printing.

Several resouces: or

  1. Select Website URL to link your QR Code to your website.  You can create several to showcase different pages on your website.  The choice is yours!
  2. Next follow the easy instructions to download and save your creation to a file on your computer.
  3. You are now ready to create your labels and start using this powerful tool to build your business!

Labels can be any size.  Many print using a 1.5x1.5 label.  If you cannot find the size you are looking for try

The use of QR Codes is only limited by your imagination. 

This article courtesy of Diane Drayer, direct sales professional and owner of and

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